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Butterhill lies in Coppenhall, a civil parish formerly part of the ancient parish of Penkridge.  There has been a Lord of the Manor since the 1400's. Around 1558 the inhabitants of Coppenhall including the hamlet of Butterhill ('Butterall') numbered over 120. In 1801 Coppenhall had 332 acres used as farmland.  

Butterhill House was owned in 1849 by Edward Moore and occupied by Richard Wright. 

By 1868 it seems to have been owned by William Marson, who was living in Butterhill by 1872, James Cramer Marson  succeeded by 1876, although he was then not resident there. By 1880 the estate was owned and farmed by Mrs. Lydia Busby, who was still living there in 1900. Mrs. A. J. Busby was one of the chief landowners in Coppenhall in 1912 and 1916, but between at least 1929 and 1932.

Butterhill House was owned and occupied by T. P. Darlington. Miss Darlington was living there in 1940.  The house subsequently passed to the present Mr. Darlington, and he sold it in 1955 to Mr. A. N. Hillier, who had converted it by 1956 into flats.

The present house was opened as a residential home in 1983 and has since benefited from two purpose built modern extensions, incorporating  bedrooms, a new kitchen and Orangery dining room.

Butterhill still enjoys beautiful surroundings and pleasant gardens in a quiet village.

Managed by Jo Parton who has over 30 years experience in the care sector, Butterhill is registered with The Care Quality Commission, as a dementia care home providing accommodation and care for older people.

Care is available for people with dementia, male or female, over the age of sixty five who have either been assessed as needing dementia care and who will receive financial assistance through the care management system, or to people with dementia who's family accepts responsibility for the cost.

People interested in coming to Butterhill may have other secondary needs for example:

  • Primary care needs Dementia

  • Confusion

  • Sensory impairment

  • Hospital aftercare

  • Respite care


Butterhill Care Centre

Church Lane


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